When imbalance of life churns hapless poignancy

And the zephyr of inequities breezes melancholy

Dissonance reverberates echoing pathos of grief

Seeking exaltation within metaphysical profundity

As hushed posture conjures up humbling catharsis,

Leaning in quietude, questing paranormal vitality,

Liberating from bounds of mundane, the ordinary,

Energizing calming bliss of unfamiliar, extrasensory.

Mortal soul steadily crosses limits of understanding

Reaching deep into unknown, unexplored territory,

Daring to search for knowledge in mystical obscurity

Pursuing enlightenment from supernatural intrigue,

Discovering newfound acuity blossoming internally

Adulating freedom of shedding narrow boundaries

Gaining divine wisdom, postulating own doctrines,

Comprehending missives in blissfulness of sagacity.

As laments mellow in teachings of superior intellect

And bawl of distraught soothes in heavenly solace

Finding ambrosial tranquility in endearing calmness,

Physiological longings amiably, peacefully dissipate

And gradually soul enlightens, unafraid of mortality,

Yearning for permanence of purposeful inviolability,

Meaningful beyond self, detaching from materiality,

Synchronizing harmoniously in idyllic, placid sanctity