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It’s always fulfilling when talent is harnessed and monetized, the best of us as a group is creating avenues for passionate and talented writers to get paid for their masterpieces.

Writers Band as a body does what it does in other to encourage upcoming writers to keep up the flow of expression in written form. We have been able to motivate over a thousand students to keep the energy flowing as it regards their writing abilities.

Since our founding in 2018, over 30,000 young writers from over 100 schools have shared their voices in our vibrant, cross-cultural community.


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Mission Point

Writer Band is dedicated to improving the writing and critical thinking skills of students both in High School and College through a global online voting system for each work written piece submitted by students during any of our contests. We empower young writers to develop their voices, refine their editing skills, publish on an international platform, and get paid when their work becomes the best out of all entries. Writers Band helps students develop the writing strategies and communication tools essential for success in school, career, and life.


Writers Band seeks to make sure writers who have mastered the art of writing get rewarded through an open source vote.

Founded through the passion to create a reward system for writers across Nigeria and the world at large. We use an open-source selection of writing pieces to determine winners for all our writing contest. We are readily bent on and determine to make a contribution to the world by making tools for the mind that advance humankind.