Samuel Barnabas: The Multifaceted Industrial and Medicinal Chemist, Educator, and Entrepreneur

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In a world where specialization often reigns supreme, there are individuals like Samuel Barnabas who break the mold by excelling in multiple fields. Samuel, an accomplished industrial and medicinal chemist, a skilled science laboratory technologist, a tech-savvy computer enthusiast, and a visionary entrepreneur, is a true Renaissance person. This blog post will explore Samuel Barnabas’s background, education, professional journey, his role as a physical and online chemistry tutor, and his family life.

Background and Early Life:

Samuel Barnabas was born and raised in a family that instilled a strong passion for science and learning. From a young age, his curiosity about the natural world and his love for exploring scientific concepts set him on a path towards a distinguished career in chemistry.


Samuel’s educational journey laid the foundation for his diverse skill set:

  1. Bachelor’s Degree in Industrial Chemistry: Samuel pursued a Bachelor’s degree in Industrial Chemistry, where he cultivated a deep understanding of the fundamental principles of Industrial chemistry. This academic experience fueled his passion for the subject.

  2. Associate Certificate in Medicinal Chemistry: Building upon his undergraduate studies, Samuel went on to earn an Associate Certificate in Medicinal Chemistry from the Prestigeous Davidson College, North Carolina, USA. This advanced certificate equipped him with the knowledge and expertise needed to contribute to the development of pharmaceuticals and medicinal products.

  3. Science Laboratory Technologist: Samuel also honed his practical laboratory skills, becoming a proficient science laboratory technologist. His hands-on experience in laboratory settings further enhanced his capabilities.

Professional Experience:

Samuel’s professional journey has been marked by excellence and innovation:

  1. Industrial and Medicinal Chemistry: Samuel Barnabas has worked with prestigious organizations in both industrial and medicinal chemistry. His contributions have been pivotal in research and development, leading to breakthroughs in chemical processes and pharmaceutical advancements.

  2. Computer Proficiency: Samuel’s keen interest in technology and computers has been instrumental in streamlining laboratory processes and data analysis. His ability to harness the power of technology has been a key asset in his career.


Samuel Barnabas is not only a scientist but also a visionary entrepreneur who founded the following businesses:

  1. Basam Trade: Basam Trade, under Samuel’s leadership, has become a trusted name in the Forex and Synthetic Indices Trading (Financial Market) industry, providing innovative ideas in the financial trading sector. Samuel Barnabas created a comprehensice trading course (Basam Trade Mentorship Program)  that has helped thousands of people in getting trading right.

  2. Basam Web: Recognizing the importance of an online presence, Samuel founded Basam Web, a web development and digital marketing agency. This venture has empowered numerous businesses to thrive in the digital landscape.

  3. Basam Tutor: Samuel’s passion for education extends to his role as a tutor. He offers both physical and online chemistry tutoring services, helping students grasp complex concepts and excel in their studies.

  4. Basam Store: Samuel’s entrepreneurial spirit extends to retail, as he established Basam Store, a platform offering a range of educational, scientific and general products.

Family Life:

Samuel Barnabas finds strength and inspiration in his family. He values the support and love of his family members, who have been his pillars of strength throughout his multifaceted journey.


Samuel Barnabas is a shining example of a versatile professional who has seamlessly blended his expertise in chemistry, technology, and entrepreneurship. His dedication to education as a physical and online chemistry tutor, along with his commitment to his family, underscores the well-rounded nature of his life and career. Samuel’s story serves as an inspiration to all, showcasing the limitless possibilities that come with passion, education, and an unwavering pursuit of excellence.

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